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A local council had plans to build a high speed network ring around the borough based on fibre.  However, it was proving impossible to complete the final link to make the ring complete as there was no fibre available in the area.  To dig up the road to lay new fibre was prohibitevely expensive.

Datavilla provided a high speed wireless solution capable of running at up to 300Mbps to complete the ring and provide fault tolerance with redundant routing between key sites.


A public service organisation needed to provide a high speed link for a limited period of time but fixed link solutions were not available.  Datavilla provided a range of high speed wireless links to provide the connectivity required in the fastest possible timescale.

As long distances were involved, with no clear line of sight external antennas were used to ensure good signal levels to provide optimum performance.

A legal partnership outgrew their existing office space and needed to expand.  Additional office space was found in a nearby building but the client wanted only one switchboard.  Also, modern working methods made use of high speed document scanners producing huge files that needed sharing quickly.  Datavilla installed a high speed wireless link to connect the two buildings.  This extended their IP network and made the transfer of large files together with IP voice and data traffic seamless. 
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