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The Canopy point to multi-point systems provide high speed wireless connectivity for a wide range of IP-based voice, data and video applications.  The main components are Access Points (AP) and Subscriber Modules (SM).  They are compact and designed to work outdoors.  Each AP can support up to 200 SMs.  This is a hightly scalable system.  Up to 6 APs can be used together in an Access Point Cluster together with a Cluster Management Module (CMM) to provide 360 degree coverage.  The CMM provides power for the APs and includes an Ethernet switch and a GPS module.   The Access Point interfaces to a LAN by means of a standard Ethernet connection.  This system is available in the 2.4GHz, 5.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands. 

NEW - 400 range

Access Point Cluster
Connectorised AP/SM with external antenna
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