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Mesh networks


Motorola's MOTOMESH Duo meshed WiFi solution was designed to deliver high quality data, voice and video applications for the Metro WiFi market. Communities of all sizes can benefit through increased public access and safety. With a choice of configurations and support for the latest security and QoS standards, this is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution.

MOTOMESH Duo is available in two versions:

In the single radio version, the 2.4GHz radio is used for both client access and node-to-node mesh links.  This is ideal where low cost is the main driver.  In the two radio version, the 2.4GHz radio is used for client access with the 5.4GHz radio dedicated to node-to-node mesh traffic.  This configuration offers increased performance and interference mitigation capabilities and lower latency.

Mesh Networks
Nodes automatically power up and integrate into the network.  Each node is capable of being a gateway or wireless router.  Gateway nodes adapt to backhaul loss by routing traffic to an alternate gateway in the network to minimise service interruption.
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