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Backhaul unit

High Speed Wireless Ethernet Bridges

Motorola's PTP400 and PTP600 family of wireless bridges operate at aggregate speeds up to 300Mbps and are ideal for near and non-line of sight environments over long-distance links.  Use these point to point solutions to provide a high-capacity secure link between buildings or sites.  For extra security, AES encryption is availalbe as an optional extra.  These systems achieve highly reliable connections because the radios can maintain as high as 99.999% availability in challenging environments through the use of a unique combination of technologies including:

The PTP400 and PTP600 family of products are available in the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz bands for use in the UK (4.5GHz and 4.9GHz are also available for those customers with access to these bands) and are available in two versions: with integrated antennas or connectorised for use with external antennas. There are five model versions:

The 400 Lite can be upgraded by means of a software key to the 400 and the 600 Lite to the 600, as requirements grow.

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